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Science Vocabulary Decoder Worksheet

Match the letters of the words to the numbers of the definitions.

A =  B =  C =  D =  E = 
F =  G =  H =  I =  J = 
K =  L =  M =  N =  O = 
A. symbiosis  B. cell  C. nucleus  D. molecule  E. electron 
F. proton  G. velocity  H. charge  I. homeostasis  J. matter 
K. solvent  L. atom  M. resistance  N. organism  O. substance 

1. A particle with a positive charge.

2. The amount of electricity in an object that is caused by an excess or deficiency of electrons.

3. The center of an atom.

4. A tiny particle of matter that is the smallest piece of an element.

5. A substance that has mass and makes up all objects.

6. The smallest unit of living matter that can function by itself.

7. A small piece of a substance that is made up of at least two atoms.

8. The physical matter and existence of an object.

9. A substance that dissolves other substances.

10. The ability of an organism to maintain a stable equilibrium.

11. The cooperative relationship of two different species.

12. A force that opposes motion.

13. A living thing that is composed of one or more cells.

14. A particle with a negative charge.

15. The rate at which the position of an object changes.

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