Music Words What is the Definition Worksheet Answer Key

Word Answer
violin the smallest and highest-pitched string instrument that has four strings, no frets, and is played with a bow
tuba the largest brass instrument that produces low pitched sounds by vibrating lips into a mouthpiece
trumpet an instrument made of narrow brass tubing that is played using valves and has a flared bell at one end
tempo the speed at which a piece of music is played
saxophone a woodwind instrument with one reed that is cone-shaped and has finger keys
pitch the highness and lowness of sound
piano a keyboard instrument that produces sound by pressing keys causing hammers to strike strings
metronome an instrument that makes a ticking sound used to maintain the tempo of music
measure a certain number of musical beats grouped together
harp a string instrument that is played by plucking strings that that are stretched across an open area usually attached to an angled or curved frame
guitar a string instrument with a long neck that is played with a pick or fingers and usually has six strings
forte to play music loudly
flute a reedless woodwind instrument that produces high pitches when air is blown across an opening
drum a percussion instrument made from a hollow cylinder that is covered on one or both ends
cello a large string instrument that is played with a bow while sitting down

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