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Math Vocabulary Vocabulary List & Definitions

Words Definitions
1. AREA The amount of space occupied by a two-dimensional object.
2. COORDINATE A number that represents the position of a point on a line.
3. CONGRUENT Figures that have the same shape and size.
4. DIVISION Arithmetic operation of dividing one number into another.
5. FACTOR Numbers that form a product when multiplied together.
6. FRACTION A numerical representation that represents part of a whole usually written with a line drawn between two numbers.
7. GEOMETRY A part of mathematics that studies the relationships and properties of lines, points, angles, and surfaces.
8. INTEGER A natural number (positive, negative, or zero) that can be written without fractions or decimals.
9. MULTIPLE The product of multiplying by a whole number.
10. MEDIAN A number that represents the middle value of a list of numbers.
11. MEAN An average calculated by taking the sum of a group of numbers and dividing by the count of the numbers.
12. PRIME A number that can only be divided evenly by 1 and itself.
13. RANGE The difference between the smallest and largest values or the results of a function.
14. SUBTRACTION Reducing one number by another number.
15. VOLUME The amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object.

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