Groundhog Day Words Vocabulary List and Definitions

Words Definitions
1. underground a term used to describe anything that lies below the top surface of the soil
2. spring the seasonal change in weather occurring after winter, characterized by increased warmth and renewed growth of plant life
3. shadow the shaded area produced when an object partially blocks light produced by a larger light source
4. rodent a small mostly herbivorous mammal characterized by two large upper and lower front teeth and usually having some sort of tail
5. overcast a term used to describe the sky when a continuous cloud or mist blocks out direct sunlight
6. mammal a warm-blooded animal usually covered with hair or fur, containing vertebrae, and bearing live young
7. late to arrive or appear after a predetermined or expected time
8. hibernate a state of sleep and inactivity when an animals metabolism slows down to conserve energy in order to survive the winter
9. groundhog a large, mostly herbivorous rodent that lives in a burrow and hibernates during the winter months
10. forecast the attempt to predict what the weather will be like for a specified time in the future
11. folklore a story, usually relayed orally, that is passed down through generations
12. cloudy a term used to describe a weather condition in which there are brief moments of direct sunlight because of numerous clouds in the sky
13. burrow a hole dug in the ground by rodent type animals for protection and hibernation
14. awake a term usually used to describe becoming alert and active after a period of long sleep, such as hibernation
15. Punxsutawney a city in Pennsylvania famous for its groundhog day festivities

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