Food Words What is the Definition Worksheet Answer Key

Word Answer
minerals inorganic substances that are needed by the body to maintain proper bodily functions
iron a necessary mineral needed for the proper functioning of red blood cells to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide
diet the usual components of food consumed by a person over a specified period of time
calories a measure of the energy released by food as it is digested by the human body
fat soft greasy solids stored in the body as a reserve energy source
nutrition the act of the human body utilizing nutrients and minerals from digested food to allow for growth and the proper functioning of internal processes
water the most essential compound required by the human body to maintain proper function
protein a grouping of molecules consisting of amino acids that form the basis of all living tissue, making them essential to the proper development, growth, and maintenance of the human body
energy the ability or capacity to perform tasks or actions
carborydrates an organic substance consisting of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that is a vital source of energy
vegan a person who only consumes vegetables and fruit and doesn’t consume or use any type of product derived from animals
vegetarian a person who only consumes vegetables and fruit as a food source but may still consume dairy products
vitamin various naturally found organic substances that are essential to the proper development and growth of the human body
roughage the indigestible material from plants that aids in maintaining proper intestinal and bowel functioning
obese the condition of being extremely overweight

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