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Fire Safety Spelling Worksheet

Directions: Fill in the missing letters.

Number Word With Blank(s) Definition
1 __ __ a r m A device that emits a loud siren noise that is activated either automatically or manually when a fire is detected.
2 E __ __ t A means by which to leave a building and the first place to go upon hearing a fire alarm.
3 __ o __ l The second step to take if you are on fire; after you dropped to the ground turn yourself over repeatedly to snuff out the flames.
4 D __ o __ The first step to take if you are on fire is to fall to the ground.
5 __ __ e __ a t __ r A usually enclosed structure that moves occupants to different floors of a building and should never be utilized during a fire.
6 __ __ r n The damaging result of something being exposed to fire or other intense heat source.
7 C a __ d __ __ s A once common but somewhat dangerous source of illumination, consisting of shaped wax containing a wick that was burned to produce light.
8 __ __ a w l The act of moving around at ground level on your hands and knees; often a safety procedure during a fire to avoid the damaging effects of smoke.
9 __ e __ t A rise in the surrounding temperature, usually very extreme during a fire.
10 M a t __ __ __ s A small wooden stick with a combustible material on one end used to ignite a fire.
11 __ __ __ a p e The act of successfully leaving a dangerous situation or disaster.
12 __ x t __ __ g u i __ h __ __ A compressed canister of various chemicals, usually carbon dioxide, with an attached spray nozzle used to smother a fire.
13 D __ __ e c __ o __ A device meant to detect smoke and sound an alarm to warn occupants of a structure that a fire may exist.
14 __ __ __ v __ n t i __ n The act of taking necessary steps and precautions to avoid a fire.
15 S __ o __ e The gaseous byproduct produced by the burning process of fire, usually very high in carbon monoxide and very dangerous if inhaled.

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